Collier Candy Company is brimming with unique sweets and treats, from some of the more vintage selections to modern delights.

Location in Ponce City Market.

Selecting my persona

User Persona

“Joe” is father of two. He has a 5 year old daughter and an 8 year old son. He is tired of his kids becoming Zombies as they watch hours and hour of cartoons or play mindless video games. He wants his kids to have an experience that they can enjoy and remember for a lifetime. He remembers the classic toys that he played with that were handed down from his older siblings and parents. “Joe” believes that the classics never die and help develop the necessary motor skills

What does Joe need?

Product Details

Age Options

Ensured Security

Shipping Options

Costumer service

Problem Statement

Joe is having a hard time with his search. All he found is a poorly designed and unprofessional website. The site looks and functions as if it were built in the same year as the classic toys. Clunky design and unclear categories make him feel uncomfortable. Joe is concerned that he can’t find age appropriate toys when making online purchases.

Solution Statement

  1. 1. Develop a microsite design that allows customers to find and purchase their favorite toys from their childhood.
  2. 2. Provide an easy opportunity to search categories that are both age and style specific.
  3. 3. Provide detailed descriptions and honest customer reviews.
  4. 4. Provide Collier's clientele with a secure and easy way to purchase items.
  5. 5. Collier's reward program will allow clients to earn points that can be used towards a future or cross-sell purchase

User Research

In my research I selected 50 toys that matched the Collier Candy branding and experience. I tested with 9 participants to see common themes across their experience. The first step was to have the respondents sort their toy cards into distinct categories. While users participated in the card sorting process, some of them had trouble placing some of the products into specific categories. I had to create another category for these miscellaneous products.

What I found

As I listed out the results from my card sorting exercise, I was able to identify

5 common themes across the sorters. The 5 common themes identified by the sorters were: Paper Dolls, Games, Figurings, Musical Toys, Wooden Toys. I added a "Miscellaneous Toys" category for some hard to place items.



I completed a competitive analysis to evaluate the websites features compared to the competitive sites that offer similar products. I learned that the way the company displayed the products and product reviews, and also the ease of navigation, were important to their target market. I sorted the sites using the metrics below:

Key Features

  1.  1. User-friendly Navigation
  2.  2. Secure website that will encourage repeat business, SSL enabled.
  3.  3. Real Customer Reviews

4. Reward points with each purchase to encourage repeat business

5. Enhanced photos and videos of the products

6. Share childhood memory feature, highlights user's personal experience.

Design Process

I started sketching a low fidelity prototype. I began my development with the results I received from the User Research and Comparative Analysis. As the low fidelity prototype took shape, I prepared to check and test functionality.

User testing

Testing began with 5 individuals. My goals during testing was to observe the users as they navigated through the site and the checkout process. There was a lot of positive feedback on the ease of checking out. Several users suggested that the square border around the Collier Logo impacted the look of the overall layout, and mentioned that it could be removed.

Sketch Prototype


My design was ready.

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Learn from Project

The part of this project that I enjoyed the most was the research phase. I found it interesting when I did test with different users. The results I found were different than my expectations.

I found that the results of the research testing very interesting. I originally thought of sorting simply by gender but after users gave me feedback.I realize that being able catagorize by gander and age would be able to streamline user exprience